We are a family of 4 and we live in Herceghalom. It is 26 km far from Budapest. My relationship with bulldog type dogs has started back in January 2012. We bought our first English Bulldog, Sophy in 2012. We fell in love with the bulldog type immediately and then we bought quickly our second English Bulldog, Bulldozer. We had lots of amazing moments together. We learned a lot from them and we went through lots of things together. Unfortunately their health condition was quite weak. Bulldozer passed away tragically fast when he was 5,5 years old, he had a hidden heart disease. The world stopped for us. The lack of the dog was unbareable. We were thinking a lot how we should continue.
We examined a lot of types, we read a lot about them, we did researches. We didn’t find any dog type that would have been close to the English Bulldog. Then one of our kind friends showed us the Continental Bulldog in April 2018. The information that we got about the type made us very optimistic. Therefore we bought our first Continental Bulldog from the Czech Republic in June 2018. His name is Hummer. Hummer was the first Continental Bulldog in Hungary. He overachieved our expectations. Hummer fit into our family very fast. Sophy had a partner again in games, during the walks and in close cuddling that is typical among Bulldogs. Our happiness didn’t last too long because Sophy became very sick when she was 7 years old. Until that time she had gone through already several surgeries. She gave up her fight when she turned 8.

We have already started to go to dog exhibitions with Hummer and we were thinking about breeding. I was learning breeding in High School and I started to broaden my knowledge about it. I took part in every possible online and personal training that was reachable, for example, cynology course and minor course of biology of reproduction. I would love to bring the miracle of the Continental Bulldog to Hungary. After the most careful consideration Maeve arrived to us in the summer 2020. Maeve was officially the second Continental Bulldog in Hungary and the first female dog to whom pedigree was localized. Maeve came from the Czech Republic, from the Crazy Eye Bulls Kennel and she became our kennel’s female founder. I would like to thank to the Crazy Eye Bulls Kennel this miracle and their support on professional side and morally, too.

I requested to become member in The Swiss Continental Bulldog Club in December 2020 and this year is the foundation year of our kennel as well. Our kennel got its name after the sweatest bulldog, after our Bulldozer. He was a quite determining character and we were launched on our way by him.

In November 2021, Eli, our second Continental Bulldog female arrived at us. Eli came to us from the SmartBulldox Kennel in Switzerland. Especial thanks to Yvonne and Thomas Tschanz for their trust and their support on professional side and morally, too.

Our breeding principle

Our breeding principles firstly keep in mind the health of our Continental Bulldogs and their puppies. We emphasize the regular health checks. Our Bulldogs take part in breeding inspections done by the National breeding comittee as well as by the Swiss breeding comittee. Therefore each of our Contis have elbow and hip dysplasia check, patella check and Cystinuria check, CMR1 and DVL2  and B-Lokus check. The checks were done by the Hungarian Pet Orthopedic Comittee and the last check was done by the German Labogen Lab.

Our second important aspect in breeding was to fulfill the requirements regarding the Continental Bulldog type and to meet the requirements of the standards of the dog type as precizely as possible. We keep and take care of the inner and outer values of the dog type.