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15. CBCS Clubshow

We went to Switzerland this weekend for the 15th CBCS Clubshow 2022.
It is a special occasion for us because Imelda Angehrn also visited the show personally. The moment whenn we listened to her speech was full of emotion, we are really very grateful to her for this wonderful breed ❤️
Smartbulldox Elvira took 3rd place with excellent rating in her class JK (jugendklasse).
Judge: Magdalena Hiltbrunner
It was a very strong field with great Conti company. I’m really happy to have been there and we’re very proud of Elire ❤️
Thank you to this wonderful Conti girl Yvonne and Thomas Tschanz ❤️
Congratulations to all the winners and participants, we saw really amazing Contis ❤️
Photos by Thomas Tschanz