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Our autumn news’23

Bogotá Crazy Eye Bulls- Maeve meets with Pickwick Apollo Elf. We are grateful to Daniella Koller, Yvonne and Thomas Tschanz, thank you everything. Now all we have to do is wait and trust that at the end of November our “C” litter / dream will come true.

The black beauty of our litter A  JCH BuzlldozerContibills Airolo – Mamba – has been health screened, and the result is:


ED 0

           – By Dysplasia Committee Zurich

Cystinuria N/N



B-Lokos B/B

           – By Labogen lab Germany

height 44.5 cm

weight 26 kg

FCI show results: JCH

Birth in  May 2023

We are very proud of Mamba, we are preparing for the March 2024 breeding license and character test in Switzerland.