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Eli and Murphy finally met!

SmartBulldox Elvira and Murphy Des Commabbatnts De La Guérte finally met😊

In this weekend we were in Switzerland, Eli met Murphy. The trip was long and it was raining all the time. Despite all this, Eli and Murphy had a great time, and there was an instant sympathy. Murphy is a beautiful and very nice dog, thank you for your trust and help Frédérique. Due to the pouring rain we were not able to take any photos of the meeting.

But we didn’t only visit Murphy, we did a little hiking as much as the weather allowed. Les Posses is beautiful, the whole environment is breathtaking. It was a really special experience.

On the second day, Eli said goodbye to Murphy, we said goodbye to the beautiful mountains of Les Posses and drove to another place in Switzerland, 130 km away. We had a full day and evening with our friends and “our puppies” Smudo and Astano (Pablo). We are very grateful to the owners for  us to visit the BulldozerContibulls kids, now 10 months old. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us. We had maybe 5 minutes of sunshine all day.

In the evening we visited Yvonne and Thomas Tschanz, and Eli also had a look around her birthplace. I think she remembered everything about where everything was 😊 She happily ran to meet Yvonne and Thomas. Dear Yvonne, Thomas, Valeria, Beat, Rebecca thank you for your hospitality, your kind words and the time you spent with us. We love you very much.

Now we have nothing to do but wait and we will soon know if we will have puppies in spring 2023. Our fingers are crossed

SmartBulldox Elvira


ED 0

Patella lux -/-

OCD clear

Spondylosis clear

Cystinuria N/N



B-locus B/b

Complete dentition

Underbite 8mm

Height 43.5 cm

Weight 25 kg

Junior Champion

Eli is always kind, calm and open personality. She also loves to be with dogs. She loves outings and lying on the couch.


Murphy Des Combattants De La Guérte


ED 0

Cystinurie N/N



B-locus B/B

 Height 48,5 cm

Underbite 1 cm

Murphy is a calm and sweet boy, with a temperament that quickly captures everyone’s heart. His robust, strong bulldog appearance and his shiny black colour are very special.