You are currently viewing We are planning a Continental Bulldog litter!

We are planning a Continental Bulldog litter!

We planning a Continental Bulldog puppys is 2022 Spring!

What can do you know about parents?


Bogotá Crazy Eye Bulls / Maeve

ED 0, HD A, Cystinurie N/N CMR’ N/CMR, B Lokus B/B Patella lux -/- trachea narrowing negative, sponliosys negative

Height 46 cm / 24 kg

Underbite 3mm / full teeths

Born in  2020 Februar 13

Swiss character test and breeding license 2021 Oktober

Her MOM is an German-bred, Pink Sky’s A Million Dollar Girl.

ED 0, HD A, cystinurie N/N B Lokus B/B

Height 46.5 cm / 24 kg

Underbite 1.2 cm / full teeths

Her Dad  lives is Switzerland, Smartbulldox Allow Ween

ED 0, HD B, Cystinurie N/N B Lokus B/B

Height 48.5 cm / 29 kg

Underbite 0,2 cm / full teeths

FCI exhibition results: Champion & Grand Champion, Hungary Grand Prix Winer ’21

About Maeve:

Maeve is a very calm, balanced female canine. She likes to relax on the sofa but she also loves long walking trips. She sleeps a lot during the day and really likes to be in the apartment. It is not a problem for her to take shorter walks for a long time, even a week, because it is raining. She is active and attentive in the dog school. Her relationship with other dogs is distrustful at first but after 20 minutes of walking together she is happy to play with anyone. She is open to strangers, she is happy to walk up onto anyone and wait for caressing. She has never made any damage in the furniture in the apartment. She rather likes to chew plush toys. When she has left alone at home, she is never tensed, and this can be said of her in general, she always waits patiently in every situation.

She really likes to play with balls, pull ropes and toys and she also likes to use her nose. We started teaching her to follow tracking on basic level, and she seems to love it very much from the very beginning and she is very good at it.

Amazing fast and tenacious runner, can make huge jumps and she makes them beautifully. Her movement is flexible and easy. She is capable of surprisingly fast changes of directions even at high speed.

More pictures and info about Maeve here


Pickwick Apollo Elf

ED 0, HD B, Cysinturine N/N, CMR1 N/N

Height 47.5 cm

Underbite 1 cm

Born in  20.08.2018

Dad: Zurrly Pickwick

Mom: Satin Touch Pickwick

FCI exhibition results: Champion of Switzerland

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