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Character Test and Breeding Licence

Character Test and Breeding Licence


In mid-October 2022 we set off on another long trip. It was the third time when one of our dog took the test for the Swiss Continental Bulldog Club breeding licence. This time we were accompanied by a very dear friend Edina and Shelby, who is also Maeve’s half-sister.

We were very excited, a character test is quite complex. And as usullay we are also nervous when we take a test.

There was a lot to do before the exam. In accordance with the Club’s rules, we sent the results of the health screening well in advance. The dysplasia screening was done by the University of Zurich, the genetic markers by Labogen Labor in Germany.

Having sent the health screenings and the pedigree electronically in advance, the Club checked and reviewed them. Then we received permission to participate in the breeding permit.

The first test is the character test. Here the dog’s behavior is evaluated in full detail. If the character test has been passed, the pair can then go on to the full, all-encompassing external evaluation, about the dog’s appearance. Here everything is measured, body proportions are counted and everything is recorded.

We are very pleased that Eli easily passed all the elements of the character test. In fact, she felt very comfortable doing it. She was open and confident throughout, and above all happy and curious. He was also patient and relaxed throughout the following appearance test.

All in all, Eli had a very nice day, he was super everywhere.

The result:

Smartbulldox Elvira


ED 0

OCD Clear

Sponliosys grade 0

Cystinuria N/N



B- Locus B/B

Complete dentition

Underbite 8mm

Height 43.5 cm

Weight 25 Kg

Eli received her breeding licence from the Swiss Continental Bulldog Club on 15th October 2022.


After the exam, we spent an afternoon with the 2 youngsters of litter A. Thanks again to the owners for bringing Pablo (Astano) and Smudo (Agno). We went for a walk, talked a lot and our hearts were full of love. It was great to see the 2 brothers growing beautifully and perfectly integrated into their new family.

On the way home we stopped in Austria and visited Panda (Ardon). So, we had the opportunity to visit 3 of the 6 brothers. We hope to see you again next time.